• Department/Team: Production
  • Position: Assembly employee
  • With Aspöck Systems since April 2017

For me, Aspöck Systems is …

… a great place to work that I enjoy coming to every day.


Aspöck Systems offers me …

… good working hours, an excellent working atmosphere, delicious and inexpensive lunches.


The best thing about my job is …

… the communication with my colleagues (at our four-person workstation) and that my work is never boring.


My career path before and at Aspöck Systems …

I am originally from Thailand and came to Austria in 1999. Before I joined Aspöck Systems in April 2017, I worked as a waitress. I applied here because some acquaintances also work here and they only had positive things to say about Aspöck Systems. At the time, I thought that my German language skills, which were even worse back then, would be a problem – I was wrong – I was immediately welcomed very warmly in the production area as an assembly employee. I have now been working in this area for more than four years. This is reflected in my skills as well as my improved German.

An exciting day at work … 

Every day in production is different because we are constantly processing different orders. For some you have to check something, for others you have to plug things in and for others still you have to work as a team. Especially with particularly large orders, you have to work well together to complete them quickly.

It's also great that you learn a lot due to the many new products and assignments. Besides the new work steps and tasks, it's also fascinating to get to grips with the products themselves (distributors, cables, lamps, etc.).


Interesting facts for applicants …  

Since we are always looking for new employees in production, joining the company is very quick and easy. It’s also possible to switch to other production areas.

The team spirit among my colleagues is also promoted – especially through get-togethers after work or our annual company celebrations, which give us the chance to get to know each other outside of the daily work routine and strengthen our sense of togetherness. And I mustn't forget our supervisor – she is always eager to help and ready to listen to us.

We look forward to meeting you!